I look at you: you look at me

There's a magic between us that I can see

You nuzzle my hands, my face, my hair

Your breath gives warmth to my cold metal chair

I look into your big brown eyes

And I know that you are where my hope lies

They help me up onto your back

They give me the reins and I take up the slack

We are on our own: it's just me and you

But somehow, magically, you know just what to do

As you amble off slowly, around the ring

The feeling I have makes me want to jump and sing

All I could do before was sit in my chair

And people would always point and stare

But here on your back, I am up so high!

I'm sure if I tried, I could touch the sky!

I feel like a regular kid when I'm riding you

I can do the things regular kids do

I can move on my own, I can walk, I can run

I laugh right out loud, I am having such fun!

It feels so natural, so free and fine;

It is almost as if your legs were mine!

I am walking! It has happened-my dream has come true

A dream that has happened only through you

By Sara Have, at age 14 of KIDS 'n BITS, WV

Program riders presently come to Dream Riders from families in the midlands of South Carolina, local community group homes, referrals from Area 7 Special Olympics and a variety of special needs agencies who feel an individual may benefit from the program.  Classes are geared to each rider as an individual, and are aimed towards his or her ability.  With the help of our certified instructors and volunteers, a rider gains a feeling of personal accomplishment and a freedom of movement they normally cannot experience in a wheelchair or with other aiding devices.  Most importantly, Dream Riders’ athletes can benefit physically, emotionally and mentally through the interaction with the horses, instructors, volunteers and fellow equestrians, which makes this a truly unified sport.

Disabilities presently served at Dream Riders include the following;

Autism, Brain Trauma, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Emotional ,Disabilities Hearing Impaired, Learning Disabilities, Mental Retardation, Multiple Sclerosis, Rhett Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Injury, Visually impaired

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“Myself and my whole family feel very strongly about Dream Riders. Our daughter, Jameson, is a survivor of infant stroke. She has cerebral palsy and has been in therapy since she was three months old. Dream Riders offers Jameson an alternative to traditional therapy as well as the opportunity to truly succeed in an individual sport. We were excited about therapeutic riding ever since we learned of it and we feel so grateful that Jameson was accepted into the program at Dream Riders. We have watched our daughter grow in many ways since beginning the program over one year ago. Jameson talks with pride about "her" horse, she is excited on her day to ride, she loves the people who encompass Dream Riders and she feels comfortable and at ease on the farm, so much so that she lets her silly side show. Dream Riders has worked diligently with Jameson to strengthen her right side and to elicit more flexibility in her range. Jameson's core was weakened by her stroke and therapeutic riding is an excellent way to rebuild core strength which in turn enables her to overcome even more physical challenges. I can envision that Jameson may one day pursue horse riding on her own accord, and not just for therapeutic reasons, because Dream Riders has provided such a safe and caring environment for which she can truly succeed.

We love the people and the horses of Dream Riders and we look forward to many more successful years for Jameson and her therapeutic riding.”   Dianne Buckley

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